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Storytellers Connect is a team building workshop that uses participants’ personal stories to provide a little respite, a little fun, and a lot of connection.

Is this the right workshop for my team?

  • Has your team has been working remotely for over a year?
  • Are members of your team feeling disconnected as a result of remote working?
  • Do you want to build empathy and understanding between your team mates?
  • Do you want to re-energise your team as a cohesive unit?

Did you answer yes? Then get in touch because Storytellers Connect will help you with all of the above.

What challenges can you help us with?

If your team is facing a specific challenge, we can tailor your bespoke session to meet your team's needs. Just let us know in your enquiry form if there is a particular area, we will then go into more detail in our follow up call. Examples of areas we can help with include

  • Integrating and welcoming new faces into your team
  • Energising and inspiring your team in preparation for returning to the office
  • Creating a clear team identity

What should we expect?

This workshop is not about the details of your work, but the people behind the work. Your bespoke session will last a half day and take place online using a collaborative whiteboard software - all participants need is a computer with an internet connection and a camera.

This workshop is about storytelling with a focus on our own personal stories. Participants will be led through a series of exercises that invite personal reflection and help others to understand their context. There will be an invitation to share experiences of the pandemic.

Your facilitator will ensure that a safe environment is created and upheld to ensure that participants are comfortable doing so.

Bringing a little more of ourselves to work is so important for understanding and inclusion, particularly when the boundaries between work and life are more blurry than ever. Rest assured that no one will be forced to share anything they are uncomfortable with.

Why should my team sign up?

The workshop brings remote colleagues back together as a purposeful team. Individuals will come away with a deeper understanding of one another, a greater empathetic connection and an improved sense of belonging within their team. Your team will come away with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Impacts of the workshop will be lasting - helping to create healthy, open and communicative working relationships within a revitalised team.

Your reviews are in...

"My team and I left the session feeling massively energised. Zeb created a really safe and fun environment, in which we all felt engaged and encouraged, outside of our comfort zones but never under pressure. By the end of the day we felt we had a much better understanding both of each other as human beings and of our team’s purpose."

Phil Locker, HR Change Consultant, Warner Media

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