Friend Mapping, the newest immersive party game to get your friends to open up in a fun way.

With Friend Mapping, you’re guided by a charming narrator through playful, interactive challenges and entertaining questions for an uplifting, feel-good experience.

Transform your next event with a night of good music, great company, and unforgettable memories with this party game for adults.

This Immersive Experience Offers You and Your Pals:

  • A beautifully presented board-game package
  • A light-hearted introspective journey for you and your gang
  • A fun opportunity to get all your friends involved and chatting
  • Silly to deep questions you never thought to ask
  • Laugh-out-loud moments
  • Treasured memories that will last a lifetime

Friend Mapping Party Ideas for Adults

  • Birthday party game
  • Dinner party game for adults
  • Classy hen party game

Your Unique Friend Mapping Package Contains:

  • An online link to conjure your witty narrator who will guide you through your journey
  • Six individual friend maps
  • Role cards for each friend
  • Colourful stickers and thread
  • A pillar of friendship - three-dimensional Friend Mapping structure

What You Will Need to Keep the Party Going:

  • A mobile with an internet connection
  • Pens for everyone
  • A pair of scissors

And make sure that the drinks are topped up!

What others are saying about Captain Baby’s at-home experiences with a difference:

Friend Mapping

“We had a fab night with Friend Mapping. It got us all nostalgic but also excited for the future and put us in the party mood. Super engaging, and beautiful to look at too! I love my pals.”

Captain Baby’s original experiential game Party Inside

“Blown away but how much fun we had and how it felt like a genuine group party. The thought that went into it was amazing. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Gave people an opportunity to really reflect on personal meanings and a fun forum in which to do it. A cathartic and uplifting experience.”

There is a limited number of Friend Mapping packages available to purchase right now. Isn’t it time to get the party started?


£ 47.00 GBP

Suitable for

3-6 Adults

Gameplay Time